3 Simple Steps on How to Manually Flush a Toilet

By John Cruz

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Your toilet’s clogged, and now you want to know how to manually flush a toilet.

This means your flusher isn’t working, or your toilet tank isn’t filling up.

Don’t panic.

There’s a solution to everything, and you don’t need to call a plumber.

At least not right now.

Pick your pants up, and let me show you how to flush a toilet manually.

Stop clanking on the flusher and follow these simple steps.


How to Manually Flush a Toilet

Flushing a toilet manually is really simple.

There are different ways you can do this, but it all depends on your situation.

For this first method, we will flush your toilet manually with the understanding that your toilet’s tank isn’t getting filled up.

You can fix that problem later, but let’s get your poop down the toilet for now.

1. Fill up a Bucket With Water


Take a bucket or container that can fit at least two gallons of water.

This will be the power behind the “flushing” of your toilet.

You can use any container that can hold water, but make sure it’s something that doesn’t have a spout but rather a wide opening like a bucket.

2. Pour the Water directly into the toilet


The trick to this step is pouring the water directly into the hole of your toilet.

Pour it with the intention of “flushing” the water through the hole.

DO NOT pour the water slowly, as you will fill the toilet with more water, and don’t pour it too fast to where you’re going to make a mess.

Give it a good pour, and you will see everything go down the toilet.

3. Repeat if Necessary


If this is your first time flushing a toilet manually, you might have some stragglers in the toilet.

That’s okay.

All you need to do is repeat the process.

This time, try to ensure you followed the first two steps better, and you will eventually flush everything down.

Your toilet shouldn’t have that much water in it, and that’s because it needs to be filled.

Manually Flush Your Toilet Inside the Tank

If your toilet isn’t flushing, and the “flusher” (toilet trip lever) feels loose, there might be a disconnect within your toilet’s tank.

If this is the case, you can follow these steps.

1. Locate Your Toilet Tank Cover


Finding the tank cover might not be common sense if you’ve never dealt with any toilet problems.

If you don’t know where it is, that’s completely fine.

Just locate it using the image above, and open it up.

It’s a lot heavier than it looks, so please be careful as you might drop it, causing it to fall and break or land on your foot, causing an injury.

2. Locate the Flapper


The next thing you want to do is located what is called a flapper.

This is a little rubber piece that opens and closes, allowing the tank to fill up and empty out into the toilet.

This causes your toilet to flush and is how you will flush your toilet manually if this part of your toilet isn’t functioning correctly.

3. Lift the Flapper

Image Courtesy of The Spruce

Once you’ve located the flapper, you want to lift it.

This will cause the water in your tank to empty out into the toilet, causing it to flush.

You can do this by lifting on the actual flapper, or you can do it by lifting on the chain that is attached to it.

This will depend on the problem, so do what is necessary to get your toilet flushing.

Why You Might Need to Flush a Toilet Manually

There are several reasons why you would want to learn how to flush a toilet manually.

We all go through this problem at one point in our lives, especially if we tend to “go” a lot.

Another reason we might have such a problem is if you have younger children in the home, who tend to be overly aggressive when flushing the toilet.

Whatever it might be, these are the reasons why you might want to flush your toilet manually.

Clogged Toilet

Sometimes a little something is stuck in your toilet, preventing it from flushing.

This is very common, so be careful when trying to flush your toilet manually, as it might not work.

This will cause your toilet to overflow and a whole lot of doo-doo on your floor.

Broken or Tangled Lift Chain

Another common problem with toilets that can’t flush is the lift chain.

It can be broken completely, or it can be tangled on the lever itself.

You can untangle the chain or try to reconnect it if it is broken.

Do this before making any purchases, as these parts are not cheap.

This will help save you some money and even get your toilet flushing faster.

Conclusion – Flush Your Toilet and Enjoy

We all go through these fundamental toilet problems, which might seem complicated until you figure it out.

The same goes for everything else in life, so don’t stress.

Thanks to Google and other parents like myself, there’s a solution for everything that doesn’t always require a professional.

I hope you have found this guide helpful.

If you did, please don’t forget to share the wealth.

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