How to Dry Wet Shoes With Newspaper

By John Cruz

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Today I want to show you how to dry wet shoes with newspaper.

Whether you got caught in some rain or you play football and ended up playing in the rain, we have the best solution to dry your shoes.

It’s called a newspaper.

It’s something I was taught when I was a kid and I continue to do this, especially with my kids.

They play soccer and have wet shoes a lot more than we want.

However, this little hack has saved us from all kinds of problems.

Why Dry Wet Shoes With Newspaper?


If you want to dry your wet shoes, newspaper works best.

Even Nike thinks so.

Throwing shoes in the dryer is a great way to break them and it’s not recommended.

Maybe if you have that drying rack that comes with some dryers, but even at that, I wouldn’t leave shoes in there for longer than 15 minutes.

Try this simple hack and you’ll see how fast you can dry shoes with newspaper.

How to Dry Wet Shoes With Newspaper

First, you need to find out how wet your shoe is.

This will dictate the process and ultimately help you decide how to use this hack.

If your shoes are soaking wet, there’s a way that it needs to be done.

If your shoes aren’t so wet, you don’t need to put in as much work.

Regardless, here is how you dry wet shoes with newspaper.

For Soaking Wet Shoes

If your shoes are completely drenched with water, you need to put in a little more effort than shoes that are somewhat wet.

For soaking-wet shoes, you want to start by crumpling a newspaper and putting it in one shoe, from toe to heel.

Don’t squeeze it in there, but rather give the newspaper a soft crumble that allows for some breathing room.

This allows the newspaper to absorb the water and dry itself out in the process.

Also, place a newspaper on the floor where you will be drying your shoes.

This helps with keeping the area clean, as well as with the drying process.

With soaking-wet shoes, you want to change the newspaper every three hours or so.

Soaking wet shoes will soak the newspaper immediately, but with a few changes, it will help your shoes dry faster.

For Damp Shoes

The newspaper trick works best with shoes that aren’t completely drenched.

For these shoes, you only need to put the newspaper in once.

Your shoes will dry without you having to change the newspaper out.

Again, softly crumple the newspaper and shove it in until it reaches the toe of your shoe.

Let it open up to the heel, and let it sit until your shoes are dry.

How Newspapers Help Your Shoes Dry

Before using newspapers to dry my shoes, I thought it was silly.

How could newspapers dry wet shoes?

After doing it myself and observing the process, I finally figured it out.

If you have seen wet newspapers, you would know that they dry out pretty fast.

Having them in your wet shoe, allows it to soak up the water, all while drying itself out in the process.

It’s like taking a bucket and draining out a tub.

Newspaper Helps With Odor

A newspaper has a lot more uses than just drying.

It also helps your shoes from stinking, so it’s more reason for you to use newspaper to dry your shoes.

I know it sounds weird to dry things in AC, but this will help dry your shoes faster.

Keeping them in a warm room won’t help as much, so if you want to use this hack to the fullest, keep your shoes in an air-conditioned room.

Enjoy Your Dry, Fresh Smelling Shoes

I know it’s hard to believe that newspaper can dry your shoes, but you’ll be amazed at how good of a job it does.

If you’ve never done this before, you’re welcome

Enjoy what used to be wet shoes and please do share this with others who aren’t so interested in smelly, wet shoes.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to wash your dishes.

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