How to Build a Functional Home Office You’ll Love

By John Cruz

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Learning how to build a functional home office is the start of an endless amount of productivity.

You can have the best home office or one you pay less than $100 for, but what good is it if it isn’t set up properly?

Probably not so good, although I can remember how much work I got done when I worked on the dining table at my mom’s.

There are many reasons why I was so productive in those days, but times have changed, and now, I have a home office that I probably need.

So, if you want to build a functional home office, I want to show you exactly how I go about doing things.

Sure, it might not work for everyone, and there’s not just one way to do things, but pick and choose whatever fits your needs/wants.


How to Build a Functional Home Office

The first thing you need to understand is that nothing is perfect.

And that includes your home office.

However, you can get it in the best functional shape possible, and you will see how much awesome work you can get done.

So, before you go getting any furniture and tearing down parts of your house, here are some things to consider that will help you build a functional office.

1. Pick an Ideal Spot in the House

Just because your home office has that title, it doesn’t mean you need a dedicated room.

I’ve had, and actually still have, an office right in my living room.

Sure I have a room that I call my office, but not everyone has that luxury.

For the best office, however, you want to pick somewhere in the house that isn’t close to noise.

Places like the living room or one of your noisier kid’s bedrooms.

2. Ensure the Best Access to the Internet

If you want to know how to build the perfect home office, you need to be aware of productivity.

I thought the best room in our condo was the room with the carpet, and I didn’t consider the internet.

I figured I’d use WIFI, which probably wasn’t the best idea at the time.

Then again, I could always run an ethernet cable all the way to the soon-to-be home office, but that would require more work.

Depending on your situation, remember that the internet is crucial to your ability to work from home, so make sure you have it functioning properly at the very least.

I do recommend getting the best connection possible, but work with what works best for you.

3. Understand How Much Space You Have

Not everyone is going to have the luxury of having a huge office, and that’s perfectly fine.

Some of us just need a place to call our office to divide work from family time.

Whatever your case may be, you need to work with what you got.

So be it if your space is only enough for a small desk and chair.

Just understand that you can’t buy that executive desk you had your eye on since last year.

4. Pick the Right Office Chair

My first office chair came right from the dining room.

It was as simple as a simple chair gets, and although it did the job, it was not very conducive to the home office environment.

These days, office chairs are affordable and can do all kinds of things.

And, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can always modify it with a Lifted Lumbar seat cushion or something.

You want to get a chair you know you’ll love if you want to build a functional office.

Get one that you actually want and not one to do the job.

Keep the dining room chairs where they belong (or your wife will nag you), and get one that is comfortable, that can last, and that fits in your new office space.

5. Pick the Best Office Desk

A desk can be anything.

It can be your dining table, your bathroom hamper, and even your couch’s armrest.

As a work-from-home person, my office is all over the house.

Now, my designated home office is the space I look to if I want to get the most work done.

This space should have an actual desk and one that gives you everything you need.

Consider the size and what you want to put on your desk.

Consider getting a standup desk if you know you can’t sit for long periods of time.

Lastly, pick a desk that has what you need.

Learn how to pick your next office desk the right way, and you’ll be happy with the one you choose.

6. Natural Lighting

Office lamps are great, and we’ll cover that next.

If you want to build the perfect home office, you want a room with natural lighting.

Immediately, you think of the sun, and, yes, that is a very important light to have, but it’s not the only natural light source.

If possible, and I know we’re reaching here, but if you have a room in the house that can get some moonlight in, consider that when building your home office.

At the very least, find a room that can allow some sunshine in.

7. Artificial Lighting

Office lamps are necessary, and there are all kinds to choose from.

We have floor lamps, desk lamps, and things like lava lamps and whatnot.

Personally, I like to have a desk lamp and a nice floor lamp that sits right over my workspace.

Another type of lighting you need to consider is the overall lighting for your office.

We live in an older condo, and my home office has a few different settings to choose from when it comes to turning on the light.

There are dim, halfway on, and completely on.

I think.

With your home office, choose the best lighting for the type of work you will be doing.

You don’t need to get cute here but consider productivity.

8. Get Yourself an Office Plant

Some of you plant lovers will have a jungle in your home office, and I don’t have a problem with that.

For those of you who don’t know much about plants and their benefits in the home, get one.

At least one.

They will make your home office look cool, and plants do a lot more.

How does relieving stress and increasing productivity sound?

How about some clean air?

Plants are quite awesome, and having one in the office is beyond a great idea.

Don’t forget you’ll need to care for your new office plant, or you’ll defeat the purpose of having one.

9. Keep it Simple

If you are a hoarder, I feel sorry for you.

Learning how to build a functional home office is going to require a lot of decluttering on your part.

If you are the minimalistic type, you have an advantage and need to use it.

Your home office needs to be simple, and you need to keep it that way.

And, just because you have all kinds of space does not mean you need to fill it with junk.

The same thing goes for the top of your desk.

You don’t need all your B honor roll trophies from elementary on your desk, and you don’t need a million pens.

Keep your home office simple, and you’ll get more work done and leave less to do; come time to clean your office.

10. Choose The Right Colors

As much as I hate to talk about science when it comes to the more simple things in life, sometimes it needs to be done.

And, if you want to build a functional home office, it will make you more productive.

Your office colors.

You know that black won’t be your best choice, so go with something a little softer.

Lighter, more soothing colors work best.

That’s the least I learned from my design and principles class, so I can’t say I was the star student.

Read this to see how colors affect office productivity if you don’t know what color to go with.

Conclusion – Build a Functional Home Office You’ll Love


Your home office will be one of your house’s most visited rooms.

Build it as perfectly as possible now so you don’t have to worry about things later.

I hope these tips on how to build the perfect home office have helped you in one way or another.

If you have any questions or would like to share a tip of your own, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading, and have fun building your new home office!

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