10 Simple Ways to Create a Better Backyard

By John Cruz


Sometimes you need to create a better backyard if you want to enjoy your home to the fullest.

The problem doesn’t lie in our backyards but rather the people who dwell in them.

These people are known as you, the person reading this post.

However, this does not mean you can’t create a better backyard, and that’s what I want to help you with today.

Your backyard should be one of the best places in your home.

One that you want to be at almost every time you get a chance.

It should be the place you relax and enjoy some outdoor cooking.

It should be a place where you conduct most of the outdoor activities for the kids.

And, it should be the place where you take a lot of pride in.

If that’s not the case, let’s go over some simple ways to create a better backyard that you can be proud of.

How to Create a Better Backyard


Most backyards you go to will be similar.

They will have a yard and maybe a grill, but that’s about it.

Others will have the works, but they don’t know what to do with it.

Whatever your backyard consists of, there is always a way to improve its current situation.

Let’s get into this list, so you can see how you can create a better backyard that you and the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

Remember that you don’t need everything on this list, but do pick and choose what you are able to utilize and afford.

Keep everything simple, stay away from clutter, and you will be sure to have a backyard that you won’t want to leave.

1. Fix and Organize Your Entire Backyard


If you want to create a better backyard, you need to start with the foundation.

If your backyard is unlevel, you need to grab that shovel and whatever else you need and make everything leveled.

If there are some rocks stuck in the ground, dig them out and fill those holes with dirt.

Take a steel rake and make everything as leveled as possible.

Within a few months, your lawn will grow back and be ready for everything else you will be doing to make your backyard better.

While you’re at it, consider different parts of your backyard for the things I am about to cover next.

2. Get a BBQ Grill


Whether you like to grill or not, get yourself a nice BBQ grill.

You will learn how to use it, and it will add a whole new feel to your backyard.

You will learn how to make some of the best-tasting foods your family can enjoy, and it will give you more reasons to get outside.

BBQ grills will add life to your backyard and be much more inviting.

So, if you want to create a better backyard, get yourself a simple BBQ grill, and you will see how much better things will look.

You can always get a fancy grill, but for now, let’s get something you can handle.

3. Put up a Fence or Wall


There are many benefits of having a fence in your backyard.

You can keep wild animals out, deter thieves, and you can create a better backyard than you ever thought possible.

Backyards aren’t complete without a fence, so keep everything in and put one up.

Your neighbors might think you don’t like them, but you can always add a little door to allow easy access for them.

If, of course, you actually get along with them.

Fences are awesome and will add tons of value to your overall house.

If you want to create a better backyard, put up a fence or wall.

4. Get a Gazebo


Gazebos are an excellent piece to any house, and they will look great in the place where they will be utilized most.

Your backyard.

You can build a gazebo yourself, or you can grab one on Amazon or Home Depot.

They are affordable and will help you create a better backyard in the process.

Not to mention they are functional as they provide shade and protection from rain, all while serving as a nice spot to chill.

5. Install an Awning


Awnings are awesome and will help you create a better backyard if your budget allows.

Not all houses have the capabilities, but if you can, an awning will help with more than spruce up your backyard.

It serves as a shelter and will probably be your next best spot in the house.

You can try to do it yourself, get one of those retractable awnings, or have someone build you a solid one.

Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the awesomeness that an awning provides.

6. Build a Fruit/Vegetable Garden


Not everyone has the hands or passion to put together a garden, and that’s okay.

Gardens might not be your thing, but if you want to create a better backyard, know that most of the better-looking backyards have one.

You don’t have to create one for a new hobby, but rather one to give your property a facelift.

With gardens, you need to build them (or let someone build them) and then maintain them with the rest of your yard.

And, if you plant some veggies and/or fruit, then you’ll have something to harvest and look forward to.

It will make things look better, and it will give you something else to do in your backyard.

7. Plant Some Flowers


If you don’t plan on being Farmer John, you can always plant some flowers.

I recommend both if you have a big enough yard, but everyone likes flowers, even if they say they don’t.

They’re all over the place, and this time, they can be in your backyard.

Flowers add color to life and are proven to increase creativity, innovativeness, and productivity.

As a person that loves the outdoors all while working behind a computer, I always find it best to get work done outside.

Everything that nature provides, including flowers, helps me be more productive with my work.

And, of course, it helps you create a better backyard.

8. Install a Pool


Who does not like a pool?

They are not only fun, but they help with your health and add to the benefits of getting outside.

What is the first thing you notice when you go to someone’s house if they have a pool?

The pool.

“Wow, they have a pool,” is what you would say, and that’s because they are that awesome.

If you want to create a better backyard, adding a pool will definitely help.

Just remember ALWAYS to keep safety in mind.

9. Build a Patio


When you think of a backyard, you think about grass.

Yes, that’s what you want and is the main focus, but you always want to have a place where you can do things on.

In this case, it could be your patio.

Patios will make your backyard look great, but they also keep things like grilling away from the actual lawn.

This helps with keeping your grass healthy and giving your backyard more appeal.

10. Build a Deck


Decks are a great addition to any house.

They give you more space for congregating, and they definitely add appeal.

I’ve grilled on my deck and patio, so you can always use it for different things.

Decks are easier to install but do require more maintenance.

But once you have it in, you will enjoy your backyard that much more.

11. Add a Pond


Not all of us have the space for a pond, but this is one thing that will help create a better backyard.

It will give your backyard life and will always be one of the main attractions to your guests.

I mean, how many people do you know that have a pond in their backyard?

Not everyone is doing it, so add one if you want to create a better backyard.

And you can always throw some fish in there, so your kids can have another activity to do.

12. Add a Swing/Play Set


If you don’t have any kids, then this does not apply to you.

Then again, it can be something you provide for your guests.

There are many swing sets on the market that can fit any budget or space you’re trying to fill.

They don’t require you to get a loan, and they will help you create a better backyard as well.

They provide a way to get your kids to work on their motor skills, make them healthier, and make your backyard look that much cooler.

13. Get a Shed


Our backyards are or will be the busiest piece on your property.

Along with that busyness comes the need to store things.

Your tools, maybe your grill, and everything else that is needed to maintain your yard.

Having all these things out in plain view is not just an eyesore, but it will attract unwanted attention.

So, your solution will be a nice little shed that you can put everything in.

I always recommend building one, but you can always find one at Home Depot or whatever home improvement stores you have in your area.

Sheds keep things in order, and they look great too.

14. Get Better Lighting


Your backyard will mainly be utilized during the day, but you always want it to be ready for when the sun goes down.

You don’t want your guests to be left in the dark or have to leave just because you don’t have any lights.

Getting better lighting will help keep your guests around longer, but it will also showcase the beauty that your backyard has become.

Sometimes lighting is everything, so don’t settle for one big spotlight.

You can have lights to light up your path for security purposes, and you can have lights to set the mood.

Lights are a huge factor if you want to create a better yard, so set them up properly.

15. Create a Walkway


I’ve always been fascinated by those big stone walkways at people’s houses.

They make any home look fancy, and they also serve a purpose.

Walkways keep your lawn looking fresh, as it gives you a place to walk on.

Then again, if your kids are like mine, they’ll walk anywhere.

At the very least, you’ll have a nice-looking path that your visitors can use.

If you want to create a better backyard, consider adding a walkway.

16. Grow Some Trees


Trees make everything nice.

They provide the aesthetic part to any backyard, and they provide shade if need be.

They keep everything in order, and they also provide the oxygen that we all need anyway.

Remember that trees do take time to grow, so unless you want to spend $10k on a full-grown tree, you might want to plan them today.

Once they are grown, you’ll have something that you and your family can enjoy.

And it will help with the next best way to create a better backyard.

17. Build a Treehouse


A backyard will not be complete without a treehouse.

I’ve always wanted one when I was a kid, and although I never got one, I still think they are the coolest thing to have.

Kids love them, and they make for a great-looking piece for your yard.

If you want to create a better backyard, all while pleasing your kids and the neighbor’s kids, build a treehouse.

Treehouses are amazing, and you can build one without breaking the bank unless you want to call on the Treehouse experts.

I love watching that show, and I hope to one day do what they do.

18. Build a Firepit


Who does not like a firepit?

They provide a nice piece for your backyard, it provides heat, and most importantly, they have a place for your kids to roast some marshmallows.

On top of all that, firepits are a great way to help with those stinkin mosquitos.

There are many ways to go about doing this, so get a firepit that fits your budget.

For starters, a nice spot to place some firewood will work.

Later, you can always get one of those fancy firepits you see on TV.

19. Prepare For Unwanted Guests


You can have the best-looking backyard on the block, but it’s not going to be any good if you have pests and the most irritating thing on the planet.


There are all kinds of repellents on the market, but you still want to have things in place.

A nice bug zapper lamp and some tiki torches work great but don’t forget about ants and flies.

If you can control these pests, you will create a better backyard that everyone can enjoy.

20. Prepare For Maintenance


I absolutely hate seeing nice things getting ruined because of the lack of maintenance.

That’s how the government works, but that’s not how your home should be.

If you want to create a better backyard, you need to do things properly.

However, there comes a point when things will need to be cleaned and kept regularly.

If you fail to do this, you can bet that you will have one of the worst-looking backyards on the block.

If you don’t plan on maintaining things, you might as well keep your backyard as it is now.

A little work will come a long way, so maintain your investment and keep your backyard looking amazing.

Conclusion – Create a Better Backyard

Your backyard should be the most utilized space in your home.

You can play any outdoor activity, you can grill, and you can use it as a way to get away from the busy life you live.

If you need help with your backyard, there’s always someone out there who enjoys working on one as much as I do.

However, I do recommend you take on these tasks, as I’m sure you will find them to be enjoyable.

If you have kids, think of how happy they’ll be and how much you will contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Besides that, I hope you can create a better backyard so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In the end, you’ll see that creating a better backyard does require some work, but it is worth it.

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