10 Best Backyard Swing Sets to Buy in 2023

By John Cruz

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These are the 10 best backyard swing sets that we found for 2023.

Finding the perfect swing set for your backyard can be challenging, and that’s why we have put together some of the best.

We all want our kids to have a blast all while exercising, and I’m sure some of you want that outdoor accent piece to help you create a better backyard.

Whatever it is that you think you need, I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for.

Just like you, I was searching for the latest and greatest swing set that money could buy, and this is the list I came up with.

Whether you are looking for the typical metal swing set or more of a modern wooden swing set, you will find something that you will like.

This list works with every budget, so don’t think that the best backyard swing set always has to come with a huge price tag.

The Best Backyard Swing Sets of 2023


There are so many outdoor activities for kids, but swing sets will always be one of those things you want to add to your backyard.

It’s like a microwave.

It’s something you have and will always use.

They are also very convenient and will keep your kids busy for a long time.

The problem might not be finding one but getting one that fits your wants, your space, and, most especially, your budget.

There are all kinds of swing sets out there, and I’m sure it’s not hard to find one in your area.

However, they are very basic and will probably fall apart in a few years.

So, where can you find something better?

It’s right at your fingertips and on this list.

For your next swing set, let’s get this list going so you can find one you and your kids can enjoy.

1. Best Backyard Swing Set For Everyone

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Playground

The Skyfort II swing set by Backyard Discovery is the best backyard swing set for the whole family. With all the basics plus a monkey bar, rock climbing, and a fort, you can not find a better swing set. It won't break the bank, and I'm sure the whole family will enjoy it. Not to mention it will look in your backyard.

Amazon has a huge selection of swing sets.

They have all types, and they also carry different brands.

I would love to pick just one, but there are so many swing sets that you can mix and match to your liking.

For the best backyard swing set, we decided on the Skyfort II Swing Set by the fine folks at Backyard Discovery.

This has everything you need in a swing set, its foundation is made out of wood, and it has something for the whole family.

This will be one of the better investments of the year, so get something worth your hard-earned money.

2. Best Backyard Swing Set For Under $300


Swing sets are not cheap.

I’m sure we come into the market intending to spend at least $500, which is a great way to go about things, so we don’t get disappointed.

However, there are swing sets that are under $300.

Although they were not easy to find, we found them!

So, if you’re looking for a swing set that won’t piss your wallet off, the Auroro Swing Set by Backyard Discovery is what you need.

It’s the best quality swing set you can get for such a low price, and it still comes with a slide.

3. Best Wooden Swing Set


Not everyone is into the whole metal swing set, and some states and countries might not be suitable for them, either.

Whatever your reasons may be, you could be better off with a wooden swing set rather than something made out of metal.

They are much more durable, look better, and are way safer than metal swing sets.

If you are looking for the best wooden swing set for your backyard, you will find it in the Skyfort II by Backyard Discovery.

This all-wood swing set is a beast and will have your kids do more than swing.

Equipped with three swings, a slide, a climbing wall, a monkey bar, and a fort, you can bet that this is the best wooden swing set money can buy.

It’s a bit pricey, but if you have the budget, this is the wooden swing set you want to get.

4. Best Metal Swing Set


As a child, metal swing sets were the thing.

They were all I ever played on and had the same things in common.

They fell apart fairly easily and had no chance of surviving a typhoon, but they hung out in the backyard for many years.

Sure, they were missing a swing or a pole, but they served as a crippled swing set, or they were just a very broken decoration.

These days, things are a little bit different.

There are so many different swing sets to choose from, and even metal swing sets got an upgrade.

What we found to be the best metal swing set comes from Fitness Reality Kids, and it’s “The Ultimate” 8 swing set.

It’s made of metal and comes with much more than just a swing.

With a basketball hoop attached and somewhat of a soccer goal, this is one of the best metal swing sets on the market.

If you want the best metal swing set, “The Ultimate 8” is one to consider.

5. Best Plastic Swing Set


Plastic is not something you associate with a swing set, but they are very much available.

Finding the best plastic swing set was no easy task, but we are going with the Step2 Play Up Gym Set.

It’s very basic, comes with two swings, and has a nice little fort/slide connection.

Of course, this isn’t for the bigger kids, so let’s see what the best swing set for older kids is.

6. Best Swing Set For Older Kids


If your family is like mine, you have your babies/toddlers and your big kids.

The problem when getting a swing set is that EVERYONE wants to get on them.

This becomes a big problem, especially for your big kids that aren’t teenagers that want to play on the swing set.

You usually tell them no, don’t do it, but in most cases, they get on anyway.

That then leads to a broken swing set, with everyone unable to swing.

So, what do you do?

You get a swing set that can accompany bigger kids.

The best swing set for older kids comes from SportsPower and their Sandalwood Swing Set.

This is the best swing set for older kids not only because it supports kids up to 15 years of age, but it has a stronger base than most swing sets.

Not only is it durable, but it comes with three swings, a fort, and a little stand for your younger children to sell lemonade.

7. Best Swing Set For Toddlers


Toddlers are at that special age where they don’t need that motorized swing, but they’re too small to embark on a regular-sized playset.

With such a sweet spot of age comes the need for special products.

Whether it be a binky, their diapers, or something for their enjoyment, you always want to get what’s best.

They are babies, and then they become toddlers and require you to spend more money on their needs, thanks to their constant changes.

If you want the best swing set for toddlers, the Costzon Toddler Climber is it.

This swing set comes with a slide, a basketball hoop, and a ring toss game to help with their fine motor skills.

This swing set is easy to assemble and durable, which is why we think this is the best swing set for toddlers.

8. Best Swing Set For Adults


Okay, no one is ever really looking for an adult swing set unless they’re trying to relive their childhood.

If that’s you, then that’s cool, and I hope you don’t go breaking your kid’s swing set.

However, who says we adults can’t get on a swing?

For the best adult swing set, we have found this loveseat-covered swing by Adventure World Playsets.

It’s durable, will look great in any backyard, and it’s built for adults.

9. Best Backyard Swing Set For Small Yards


Not all of us have the luxury of owning a big backyard, and that’s okay.

It also doesn’t mean that we can’t own a swing set.

It just means that we need to get something a little smaller.

And if you’re looking for smaller, I’m guessing you need something really small, as a standard swing set is already pretty small.

So, if you want the best backyard swing set for smaller yards, you might want to go with Sportspower’s Power Play Time swing set.

It is really small, but it has two swings and a slide for more fun in a bite-sized swing set.

10. Best Swing Set/Playhouse Combo


What’s better than a swing set?

A swing set that comes with a play house.

As a kid, this was something I could only dream of.

I know people that have swing sets, and I know people who have playhouses.

I don’t know anyone with it all in one, but it is available at Kid Craft.

So, if you want a swing set that comes with a play house, you might want to check this one out.

Before You Buy Your Next Swing Set

Before making any buying decisions, you always want to consider several factors.

When it comes to swing sets, most people will buy anything.

Most go for the cheapest, on-sale swing set, which will probably fall apart within a year because there was little to no thought put into things.

There is more to buying the best swing set for your backyard, so consider these tips before pulling out that credit card.


Your child’s safety should always come first.

It’s not what looks best, and it’s not what fits your visual pleasure or what fits your budget.

There are still dangers associated with swing sets, so your swing set is only as safe as you make it.

Get a swing set that fits your child’s current age.

You’re not buying shoes that you will grow into, so get something that fits your current capabilities.

I know getting a toddler swing set can be a waste of money, as they will outgrow it, but remember that others are willing to pay for a used swing set.

Your Budget

While we’re on the topic, let’s discuss how much you have to spend.

As I just mentioned, getting a used swing set is always an option, especially if it’s for a toddler.

When it comes to buying swing sets, yes, you want to stay within your budget but keep in mind that you do get what you pay for.

Settle for the one that’s on sale at Walmart, and you might have to get another one in just a year’s time.

Get a backyard swing set that you can afford, but don’t throw money away by getting something that isn’t durable.


Durability is a must.

You are dealing with kids here, and they will not be easy with anything, especially a swing set.

They are here to have fun, and they will not hold back.

With this in mind, you should be looking for something that can fit your child’s level of play, their weight, and who else will be using the swing set.

It never fails.

A big kid will get on a swing set, and all of a sudden, the legs are coming off the ground, and now we have a swing set on three legs.

Anchor your swing set to the ground and get one that can withstand the elements.

Treat it like a car, and don’t let it sit out in your yard to rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy a swing set?

You can find swing sets at any Walmart, Home Depot, or all-purpose store around you, but you can also get them online if you want something more unique.

How do you anchor a swing set?

Some swing sets have stakes, but you can use anchors or concrete, which works best. You can also get it installed, but expect to spend a good chunk of change.

How do I stop my swing set from sinking into the ground?

Pounding in the ground where your swing set’s poles are can help but putting a brick or cement underneath can also prevent your swing set from sinking into the ground.

What is the best swing set brand?

Gorilla Playsets and Backyard Discovery are two of the better brands, but there are others that aren’t commercially produced.

What types of material are swing sets made of?

Most swing sets are made of wood, metal, and plastic.

Is it better to build or buy a swing set?

If you are handy enough, it will probably be cheaper to build rather than buy one, but it’s not as convenient.

How much should I spend on a good swing set?

Look to spend anywhere from $200 – $1,000 if you want to buy a really good swing set.

Conclusion – Buy the Best Backyard Swing Set For YOU

Everyone is different.

We all like different things and have children of different ages.

Just because your neighbor has the biggest backyard swing set on the block does not mean you need to get one.

If your wallet says no, then don’t get it.

Don’t get it if you have a toddler that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.

Get a swing set that fits YOUR needs and wants rather than what someone else is getting.

I hope this list of the best backyard swing sets helps you find what you’re looking for.

If you have any questions or know of any better swing sets, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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