7 Benefits of Office Plants and Why Your Home Office Needs Them

By John Cruz


There are many benefits of office plants, and you will see why here soon.

I have a plant in my office, in my living room, and a bunch outside.

Not to say that I’m some kind of plant lover (because plants are actually awesome), but we all know that they provide a lot for us humans.

Plants are all around us, and we tend to forget their importance.

In the case of this post, I want to show you several benefits of office plants and why you should invest in at least one.

Some you will already know, while others will show you why they are very much important.


What are the Benefits of Office Plants?

If no one ever put a plant in their office or home, do you think you would consider putting one in your home office?

Probably not.

At least for me, I would’ve never thought about it, as I’m not one with the greenest of thumbs.

But I have a few plants in my house, one of which is in my office.

What purpose does that little guy serve?

We shall see as we go over some of the benefits of office plants.

1. Office Plants Make Things Look Nicer


Plants make anything look nice, especially when they are in places they don’t usually belong.

Like your home office.

If you were to walk into an office that didn’t have at least one plant, you would probably ask where the plant is.

It might seem normal, but someone must have thought of such a thing.

As a matter of fact, house plants became very popular during World War II and have evolved since.

If no one put a plant in their homes, I wonder what a home office would look like without one.

For more plant history, check out Inexhibit.com if you want to learn a little more about houseplants and their history.

2. Office Plants Make You Breath Better


I know this sounds a little redundant and almost weird, but I can only say that they said it, not me.

Although plants don’t purify the air in your home, they give us some wonderful oxygen that we breathe.

Now, if you think that there are no benefits to having an office plant, think again.

What better way to get oxygen in your office than through a direct exchange with plants?

That’s what plants do, and one of the many benefits of home office plants that you can’t overlook.

3. Office Plants Help With Productivity


Getting work done at home is already a task for all of us, but simple things like plants help much more than you think.

A plant should be part of the mix if you want a functional home office.

From the look and just knowing that a plant is in your room will help you be more productive.

And, when you get into the whole color scheme of things, you will see that studies prove that the color green gives off positive vibes.

It gives you the feeling of refreshment, peace, and rest.

Be more productive, and get your home office some plants.

4. Office Plants Give Your Office Life


There’s no life in most rooms in your house, as everything is man-made and pretty lame.

What better way to give life to your office than through the one living thing that gives back?

When someone walks into a room or office, for that matter, they will notice how simple and “officey” things are.

If you have a plant, they will most likely say, “nice plant,” even if they could not care less about it.


Because plants are living and they give life to any boring room.


And, if you get one of those unique office plants, you will definitely spark more interest.

5. Office Plants Fight Noise


When I typed that, I couldn’t help but think of the “Plants vs. Zombies” app.

That has nothing to do with this post or any of the benefits of office plants, and that’s okay.

I’m not a scientist, but they say that plants can help damper noise.

If you want to eliminate some noise to get work done or you simply want that placebo effect, remember this one benefit of office plants.

6. Office Plants Make You Smarter


When you think you couldn’t get any smarter, you see that one of the benefits of office plants is that they can make you smarter.


Staying focused is not easy in itself, and do you really think I could get smarter?

It sounds crazy, but studies have shown that plants in the workplace make improve how you think.

Once again, that office plant is here to save the day.

If you want to focus on the work that you are doing, an office plant can help.

7. Office Plants Bring Out the Best in You


Imagine your plant cheering you on.

How awesome would that be?

“Go, John. You can do it!”

Okay, that’s not what they will do, but they will bring out the little creativity that you have.

Thinking and staying focused is no easy task, so imagine what something so simple as an office plant can do.

8. Office Plants Help You Be More Responsible


Most of you are already irresponsible enough, but plants can help you.

You might forget to feed the dog or give the cat water, but at least they will let you know they need it.

Office plants, not so much.

However, they do require some water (usually once a week), so you don’t have to get on some crazy plant watering schedule.

But they can give you something to do, so your brain can stay on top of things.

It might be a simple task, but it will take you a long way.

9. Office Plants Keep You Company

Image courtesy of Reddit

If you haven’t seen the movie “The Professional,” you might want to do that sometime this year.

Not only will you enjoy the film that was made in the 90s, but you will see plants differently.

Although plants don’t talk or give you any feedback for anything, the fact that they are living will give you the sense that you have a companion.

I know it sounds crazy, but think about that the next time you see a plant.

You will probably say good morning to it or something but don’t feel like you’re some weirdo or something.

Ya weirdo!

10. Office Plants Give You Purpose

Image courtesy of Zimbio

We spoke a bit about companionship, and although I won’t be seeing you at the mall with your plant, I think office plants are a must.

And, if you don’t seem to see that, again, go and watch “The Professional.”

You might not be like the little girl who carried her plant wherever she went, but you’ll find that caring for your plant gives you purpose.

Giving it the water it needs.

Cleaning the dust off its leaves.

There’s some sense of gratification when you have something like an office plant to take care of.

Conclusion – There are Many Benefits of Office Plants

Office plants are amazing, and I’m sure you will see that if you haven’t already.

Office plants not only give your office that awesome look, but it has many benefits for your health and physical well-being.

I recommend you get yourself an office plant or two and take advantage of what mother nature provides.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I hope it has helped you in one way or another.

Until next time, remember to strive to be more productive, and don’t forget to clean your messy desk.

Do you see the benefits of office plants and why you should get one?

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