BBQ Grill Buying Guide: What You Should Consider

By John Cruz


Picking a BBQ grill is no easy task, and sometimes it requires a simple BBQ grill buying guide.

It might sound simple until you find yourself at the store looking down the aisle of the many different grills being sold.

Things will get overwhelming really fast, and you might even leave the store without one.

That’s okay.

BBQ grills have come a long way, and with the many different styles, it’s not the easiest of tasks to buy your next BBQ grill.

So, where do we even start?

Today, I want to show you what you need to do before buying your next BBQ grill so that you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

What to Consider Before You Buy Your Next BBQ Grill

There isn’t just one factor when buying your next BBQ grill; instead, several things to consider before you pull the trigger.

You don’t want to buy a grill to find out it’s not the one you need.

Without trying to give you a headache, here are some tips to help you buy your next BBQ grill.

1. What Kind of Grill are You Looking For?


I’m sure you know there isn’t just one type of grill.

Depending on your living situation, you might choose what will work best.

You still want to choose what works best depending on your needs and wants.

I live in a condo, and I’m not always in the mood to deal with throwing charcoal out.

At the same time, I don’t have the means to grab something like a Big Green Egg.

However, I wouldn’t say I like to limit myself to what I can and can’t do, so I pushed the limits and got something big enough to grill for the 6 of us yet small enough to fit on our balcony.

For you, here are the different types of grills that you can choose from.


This is one of the more common grills for a good reason.

Charcoal grills are what you want if you want to get that charred, slightly yet cooked thoroughly, type of cooking.

They also burn hotter than others and are great if you are grilling for a party.

The downside to charcoal grills?

They do take more work to clean, and they require that extra purchase of charcoal.

It’s an added cost but worth it.


Gas grills are what’s in these days.

They are super convenient, come in many different styles and sizes, and save you the most money in the long run.

I do like charcoal grills, but I currently own a gas grill as I like the simplicity that comes with it.

When buying your next gas grill, keep these thoughts in mind.


I must say, I have not tried a pellet grill.

I’ve done a heck of a deal of research on them, but I have never given in to them just yet.

But as I said earlier, I live in a condo now, and my Weber E-210 Spirit grill works fine.

Maybe if we move back into a house, I’ll try a pellet grill, but for now, I can only speak for gas and charcoal grills.

I know pellet grills are hot (not literally) and that they are great for smoking meats.

Not the biggest fan of smoking meats, but I know there are cultures of meat smokers that take grilling to another level.

If you are interested in smoking meats, your next BBQ grill might require pellets.

2. What’s Your Budget?


Not all of us can buy a fancy gas grill, and that’s okay.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t join in on the BBQ fun.

Barbecuing doesn’t always have to be expensive, but there are some things to consider before you give in to that one BBQ grill that caught your eye.

Not to say that you shouldn’t buy it but let me break things down more.

First, you need to shop within your budget.

Don’t spend your rent money on your next BBQ grill, and then you don’t have a place to stay.

Keep your budget in mind, but don’t let that make your ultimate decision, as this goes hand in hand with what I will discuss next.

3. Quality


BBQ grills can be tricky.

The pricing starts super low and gradually increases, confusing the crap out of you.

I hope you know you will get what you pay for if you consider settling for a cheap grill.

Unless you’re dealing with a Smokey Joe that can run you around $40, you should not buy a gas grill for less than $100.

Charcoal and pellet grills are at lower prices, but many cheap ones are out there.

They look great when you first get them, but in less than a year, you’re grill only has three legs.

On the other hand, gas grills can cost you more, and they also have their cheaply made collection.

Be willing to spend if you want a quality gas grill, and be ready to buy more than one grill in a couple of years if you decide to be cheap.

4. What Kind of Space Are You Working With?


The options are endless if you are looking for a grill for your backyard.

You can get whatever grill you want without worrying about its size.

Now, if you live in a condo or apartment like me, you will need one that can fit.

If your balcony is decent, you can get a regular-sized grill as we have.

If you don’t have the space, you might want to consider a Smokey Joe by Weber or a portable-style gas grill.

5. Extras


Standard grills are tremendous, but many come with unique features and other accessories.

You can get a grill with a thermometer built-in or one of those fancy ones that come with an app.

And if you want to get with the program, smart grills are one to consider.

Traeger grills are also in, and they come with some cool features.

You can decide on what extra features you want depending on your budget and desires.

Conclusion – Choose Your Next BBQ Grill Wisely

Buying your next BBQ grill might not be the easiest thing, but don’t always feel you must commit to the first grill you see.

I sat on our next grill for a few months before finally deciding.

I Googled the crap out of grills and went to the Home Depot and other stores a kazillion times to see some grills for myself.

You might want to do the same, but I will be creating a list of the best BBQ grills soon so that you can get a list of what I think you should get.

Until then, enjoy your next BBQ, and I hope you find a grill that fits the person you are.

Don’t forget to clean your grill after each use, or you’ll find yourself on the hunt for another BBQ grill sooner than expected.

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